How to Prepare Your Fleet for Getting Vehicle Wraps

If you have one or more business vehicles, wrapping them will bolster your marketing efforts. However, before you can expand your outreach with these vibrant graphics, you must prepare each car or truck in the fleet for its vinyl vehicle wrap.

3 Preparation Steps for Wrapping a Vehicle

1. Address Blemishes

Vehicle wraps adhere directly to the paint, so if the car or truck has any visible dents, chips, or scratches, it will be impossible to achieve a smooth, flawless finish. Inspect your vehicle closely for imperfections a week or two before getting it wrapped. If you notice any issues, head to a local auto shop or detailer that can repair or buff out imperfections.

2. Get the Car Washed

Take the vehicle to the car wash the day before the wrap job. The cleaner the panels are, the better the wrap will adhere, and the longer it will last. Make sure the car wash has a non-wax option because the residue will hinder the application of the wrap. Skip the wheel shining if the car wash uses an oil- or silicon-based protectant. This protectant can spray up onto the side panels once the wheels are in motion, leaving a residue that could impede the wrap.

3. Confirm the Design

On the day of the wrap job, don’t just drop off the vehicle and leave. Give yourself time to go into the shop and confirm the logistics of the final design. If you need to make any last-minute changes, it’s better to do so before the installation gets started.

Review the location of the wrap’s critical elements. This will ensure the logo and all relevant information is visible, and that half of your logo or slogan isn’t cut off by a window, for example.


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