5 Amazing Benefits from Wall Wraps & Window Decals for Schools

Signage isn’t just for businesses. Schools can use window decals and wall wraps featuring logos, mascots, and other designs for various promotional purposes. From advertising athletics and clubs to overhauling your exterior and interior design, the right signage can provide a major upgrade to a school’s image. Here are the biggest benefits of promotional graphics for schools.

A School’s Guide to Utilizing Wall Wraps & Window Decals

1. Makes a Good First Impression

Whether you’re welcoming in the newest class or recruiting new students, attractive wall wraps and window decals can make a great first impression. Graphic design is all about attracting attention and eliciting the right emotional response. Schools want to impress students, parents, and guests as soon as they walk through the doors, and a professionally-made sign shows them that the school takes pride in its image.

2. Enhances Privacy

Many schools are looking for additional ways to improve security for their students. When placed along school entrances and other sensitive locations, window decals provide a subtle and inexpensive safety measure. Covering windows and entrances with these films can prevent outsiders from looking in, protecting student privacy.

3. Boosts School Spirit

Every school wants to window decalscreate a friendly and supportive community where all students feel welcome. One of the most common ways to build community in an academic environment is by promoting school spirit. Energetic window decals and wall wraps that feature your school colors, logo, mascot, or another shared symbol will remind students that they’re all in it together. Consider wrapping the walls of baseball dugouts, sports locker rooms, cafeterias, or concessions stands with graphics to promote school spirit and unity.

4. Shields Students’ Eyes

As the rising sun shines through classroom windows, it can be difficult for students and faculty to concentrate. Not only is bright light distracting, but it can also hurt or damage eyes over time—even when beaming through window glass. Using decals on windows can help shield eyes and provide an extra layer of protection against ultraviolet rays.

5. Provides Important Information

Bulletin boards and morning announcements are a go-to way for schools to spread information, but they’re also easy for students to ignore. Wall wraps and window decals are designed to be large, eye-catching, and impossible to overlook when placed in high-traffic areas, like the cafeteria. These promotional graphics are a great way to provide information about the school, upcoming events, and important messages you want students to see.


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